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Patient Agreement Regarding E-Mail Communication With Marin Gastroenterology

Before we can accept your e-mail message, you must review and agree to our policies regarding e-mail.

  1. Do not send urgent messages by e-mail. If you have a medical emergency call 911. Our office will treat e-mail messages with the same priority as is given to messages left on our patient voicemail system. We check messages throughout the workday but not after hours, during weekends or holidays.

  2. E-mail messages sent to Marin Gastroenterology are not automatically encrypted nor do they pass through a "secure server" system. This means that Marin Gastroenterology accepts no responsibility for maintaining the privacy of your e-mail message from the time you send it to the time it arrives in our inbox. You should therefore exercise appropriate caution concerning confidential information when sending e-mail to our office.

  3. Federal Government regulations (HIPPA) and our concern for your privacy prohibit Marin Gastroenterology from replying to your message by e-mail. We will reply to your message by telephone.

  4. Do not send requests for prescription refills via e-mail. Please call your pharmacy to request prescription refills. The pharmacy then will contact Marin Gastroenterology.

  5. Patients who are new to Marin Gastroenterology are welcome to send general questions regarding our practice. Our physicians and nurse practitioners, however, cannot answer a new patient's question regarding their specific medical problem until after a doctor-patient relationship is established by an office visit.

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